Time to make a change in your law practice, in your legal career?

What change is it time to make in your law practice, in your legal career?

It is election day in the United States. No matter the outcome, come January 20 there will be changes aplenty for the nation. Despite the unpleasantness of the current Presidential election, one constant factor has been our system of voting for our Chief Executive Officer every four years.

A time to reassess the status quo and make changes is a good thing and one that can and should be applied in the legal arena. Whether you are a solo, in a small firm, in big law, in-house or in industry, taking stock of where you and where you want to go is healthy and a precursor to making changes that will enhance your legal career or law practice.

Take a moment to ask yourself this question: If you could snap your fingers and make a worthwhile change in your law practice (or career), what would that be? Hint: What is a problem you would like to solve? If you don’t ask the question you can’t answer it.

We tend to cruise along day-to-day, used to things the way they are and dealing with the limitations and disappointments present in the status quo. Wake up! Take stock of yourself, your law firm, your legal career. What’s working? Great! What’s not? Why? What can you do to about it? You can, in virtually every circumstance, do something about it!

  • Solos and small firm attorneys – are you satisfied with your practice areas, the number of clients you have, the amount of money you make, office efficiency?
  • Big Law associates – are you getting in the hours you need, are you doing everything necessary to make partner-do you have a plan for that?
  • Law firm partners – are you on top of your business development, devoting sufficient time to balancing your work and personal life, do you have a plan for after you retire?
  • Dissatisfied lawyers – is the law really right for you, what are your options, how to you make the change to a more satisfying career?

In the answers to questions like these lie the seeds to grow the changes that will make your legal career blossom and your law practice grow.

What’s getting in your way? Nothing; it is totally up to you. Ask the question, listen to the answer and take the steps to make the changes you want.

Have a Great Practice!

Daniel Roberts

Professional Lawyer Coach



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