Lawyers Life assessment. Learn what’s working and what isn’t.

How about taking the Lawyers Life assessment?

To build a successful law practice you need to do two things:

  1. Play to your strengths. Know and utilize those personal and professional characteristics and abilities that give you an advantage over other attorneys.
  2. Correct your weaknesses. Understand where you have a need to improve your law practice and your personal life and take the necessary actions.

Understanding your strengths and weakness as an attorney, and as an individual, is the first step in developing your law practice and advancing in your legal career. Years ago I created a diagnostic exercise to help attorneys do just that: The Lawyers Life. It covers professional areas including career satisfaction, productivity and future prospects as well as personal areas including finances, self-awareness and health. I have used it with my clients to pinpoint areas that need improvement and to acknowledge areas that do not. It has helped my clients and me focus our work together on areas that produce the greatest benefit from coaching. Over the years, many attorneys have utilized it successfully to diagnose their law practices and legal careers.

I encourage – scratch that, as a Coach, I challenge you to take the assessment. Invest 15-30 minutes to learn what’s working and what isn’t in your legal career and law practice and for you personally. Do you accept the challenge? If so, just send me an email and I will send it to you.

If you do not accept the challenge, the question is why. Is there something you know on some level that you do not want to be confirmed? Just asking… Before you can make changes, you need to know what needs changing.

Have a Great Practice!

Daniel Roberts

Professional Lawyer Coach

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