How to Evaluate Your Law Practice and Legal Career

How is your law practice going? Are you where you wanted to be in your legal career? The chances are that there is room for improvement but how do you determine where to start? You probably have at least a general idea. However, before you take steps to improve your law practice or make a significant change in your legal career, wouldn’t it be a good idea to get the whole picture? You could then analyze what needs to be done and what should be done first.

Several years ago I developed an assessment for lawyers,  theLawyer’s Life Assessment,  to help attorneys identify areas where things are working well and areas in need of change. There are 100 statements in the assessment. For each statement the lawyer scores his level of agreement on a 1 to 10 scale. The statements cover both practice and career factors. They also include statements related to one’s  personal life as personal characteristics and habits can significantly affect one’s professional life. The Lawyer’s Life Assessment has been well received and attorneys have told me that it has been helpful in pinpointing what changes to make as well as confirming what is working well.

Thanks to my web guru I now have an interactive version of the assessment on the Coaching for Lawyers website . Before it was necessary to download and print out the assessment, then add the score for each section and compute the average. Now you can go to the webpage, enter the score for each statement and the total score and average for each section is computed for you. In a short amount of time a lawyer can have a pretty good idea of what is working well and where improvements need to be made.

I encourage you take the Lawyers Life Interactive  (there is also a PDF version on the website  if you would rather download and work offline). This assessment should help you identify areas to work on. You can then prioritize and make an action plan of the specific steps needed to reach your improvement goal. Of course, you have to follow the plan!

Have a great law practice!

Daniel Roberts

Professional Lawyer Coach



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